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DSS Deployment of New SF86

The Defense Security Service (DSS) announced that effective on August 29, 2011 as part of a Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) release update (version, the new 2010 Standard Form 86 (Questionnaire for National Security Positions) will be available for use by federal contractors using JPAS.  A new “Fair Credit Release” form will be required as part of the SF86.

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    Let the games begin. Sigh.

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    What exactly does this mean?

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    Great… Just when I was thinking about starting to take work again. Maybe I’ll start focusing on sources and records only…

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    Investigator –

    You there? Have you heard anything from DSS on your DISCO job application?

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    Tired Investigator,

    This means weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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    Fed –

    You forgot to mention curling up on the floor in the fetal position. Thumb sucking is optional.

    The beatings will continue until moral improves!

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    And morale, too.

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    Does anyone know how I can pay to have my SBI/SCI reinstated? I retired from USAR in 2003 and my last bring up was two months prior to retirement. I have tried reentering the Intel Community, but no one wants to pay for the bring up/SBI. Can I use my own money to pay for this process? I know the community is in need of Intel folks with experience.

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    The Band 2 DSS DISCO NORs were posted today. Also, DSS posted a DISCO Band 3 position on USAJobs yesterday.

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    Adjudicator 101 –

    Any idea how many open positions DSS has currently at DISCO in MD?

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    Sorry for the late response Blue- sorry, but I do not know the amount of openings. I would do a rough guesstimate of 15-20 in this round of new hires. They are pretty decimated. I think Adjudicator 601, (comments occasionally on here), is a DISCO adjudicator. I am a DOHA adjudicator.

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    Hi Adjudicator 101,

    I couldn’t recall if you were with DISCO or DOHA. Thanks for answering anyway.

    Yeah, DISCO just closed an ad for 10 Band 2 positions and currently has an ad out for 10 Band 3 positions. I heard that the DLA HR folks in Columbus have been overrun with DISCO applications. And here I thought they were having trouble recruiting…that’s what the January 2011 DoD Report to Congress stated. Just DoD spin, I guess.

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    Adjudicator 601 –

    You out there?

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    MAJ Ret. USAR:
    You can not pay for your own security clearance investigation. If a federal contractor is telling you that they must pay for your background investigation, they are probably mistaken. I’m not aware of any intel positions where the contractor has to pay for the investigation. In your case you will need a new Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) rather than an SSBI Periodic Reinvestigation. See my article on the cost of security clearances at:

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