Obtaining Security Clearance

FBI Loyalty Agreement Required for Dual Citizens

As we all know, one of the adjudicative guidelines that could disqualify a person from being granted eligibility for a security clearance is Guideline C: Foreign Preference. Most of the time this deals with those who claim dual citizenship, meaning a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. Quite often this issue is mitigated by the fact that the individual was granted foreign citizenship through birth or through their parents and have not actively sought to retain any benefits from it. Other mitigators may include handing over a foreign passport to the FSO for safekeeping or expressing a willingness to renounce dual citizenship if asked, however, this is not required to be put into writing.

Interestingly, were you to be a dual citizen and apply for a job with the FBI, you would be required to fill out and sign a loyalty agreement in that specifies exactly what you cannot do in regards to your dual citizenship and asks in no uncertain terms for you to avow your loyalty only to the United States. Here is an excerpt from the agreement:

I understand that because of the citizenship laws of the country with which I maintain dual citizenship, it is possible that country currently considers me to be its citizen thereof regardless of my valid U.S. citizenship. Notwithstanding such a possibility, I hereby declare that I am a citizen of the U.S. and that my loyalty and allegiance are to the U.S. (Select the appropriate response below by placing an “X” next to the applicable statement.)

______ I renounced by citizenship with my former country, _________________ , (name of country) upon receipt of my U.S. citizenship. I further declare that my loyalty and allegiance are to the U.S.

______ I hereby state that I am willing to renounce my dual citizenship with _________________ (name of country). I further declare that my loyalty and allegiance are to the U.S.

The agreement lays it out in no uncertain terms where your loyalty and allegiance should be if you want to obtain and maintain a security clearance and work for the FBI. They make you put it in writing. In my opinion this agreement should be the standard across the U.S. Government.