Obtaining Security Clearance

How Incident Reports are Handled by the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office

The Defense Security Service (DSS) recent issued its “Stakeholder Report 2011,” summarizing its history and mission and detailing its recent achievements and notable cases. The report includes some statistical data for fiscal year 2010 (page 8). Of interest to most cleared contractor personnel is a brief explanation of “Incident Reports” (page 16) and how they are handled by the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO). An Incident Report is submitted whenever a company Facility Security Officer becomes aware of adverse information concerning a cleared employee. “DISCO receives about 8,000 incident reports a year and typically recommends about 120 interim suspensions a year to the DSS Director.”

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    The incident reports were starting to get out of hand; an FSO would submit one when a person was hired with a new company, requesting updates on the clearance adjudication process (an also add the case closing date, just in case no one was aware) when the case was closed with a month, and other misc. reasons that were better sent as an RRU. Then there are other FSOs that didn’t ever submit incident reports and the person had two DUIs since being cleared a year prior. Clarification on the criteria for Incident reports and RRUs are clearly needed.

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    I have always noticed that outside of the DoD realm, or people close to a base or large company FSO, most people do not know how to even use JPAS or how to send an RRU. There are so many small companies out there that have next to no training on anything and seem confused.

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    Off topic and subject of this blog, but I have a serious question to my fellow CI crew working in SW Asia. Why have we not initiated the “bait car” method of IED supply chains, IED makers and IED placers? The “bait car” method is effective in the states (I.E. car theft) and abroad, in many other hook ’em up cases. I have been screaming this to the sky since my tour in AF in 2006 and 2007. We need to utilize the information discovered, find the links and exploit it to our advantage. Too many dang IED’s are going off in the area…we can’t route clear 24/7, so why not stop it at the source? Find the goods, take the goods, exploit the goods, and the individuals who associate with the goods will be ours. Take this idea as your own, I do not mind, I just know it can work, and it will work. This is Sparticus, performing the first task of an army, always out front, so follow me.

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    Are the Industrial Security Specialists suppose to be conducting the training of the companies FSOs in their district?
    Also, so many small companies are using JPAS as an employment databank, not a clearance status databank like it was designed to be.

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    Even if a quarter of the 8,000 incident reports were for matters that should have been handled by RRU or some other method, 120 clearance suspensions seems a little low. Also since there are about million active industrial clearances, I thought the total number of real incident reports would have been a little higher. It seems that security training for individuals and FSO is really lacking.

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    I am aware of a contractor for DHS that had three separate security incidents within a 6 month period. She’s still working for DHS in a cleared capacity. And two of these were very serious incidents…

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    Sounds like you have a dilemma. Would you care to elaborate and help us figure out what you are looking for.

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    Open RRU, I have a currently open RRU for the short sale of my home due to a divorce, the RRU was opened in November of 2010 and I met with the investigator and reviewed all of the same information I had been disclosing to my FSO. In March of 2011 my house was sold and I advised DISCO/ my FSO in writing. The RRU is still open and has not been closed. Will this open RRU prevent me from changing jobs and going with another contractor?

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    Forrest7784 –

    Do you mean RRU (Research/Recertify/Upgrade) or RSI (Reimbursable Suitability Investigation)? Typically, derogatory information that surfaces between periodic reinvestigations is submitted to the responsible agency (DISCO, in your case) via incident report from your FSO; DISCO would then schedule an RSI (if necessary for issue resolution). An investigator would meet with you in person (if necessary for issue resolution) and then the RSI would sit in queue awaiting adjudication.

    Your FSO should be able to tell you exactly what is pending (RRU vs. RSI) and obtain a status update. Be aware that DISCO is reportedly backlogged as they are in the middle of a BRAC move from Columbus, OH to Fort Meade, MD.

    I don’t believe that your pending case would negatively affect your employability; however, some employers may view you as less than desirable until your case closes.

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    I know a company with a TS facility clearance that is delinquent in paying its bills to the tune of some half million dollars, but still in business, and is being taken to court by at least 4 companies for back payment. Who does one contact (DISCO?) to let them know about this security weakness?

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      Whichever regional Defense Security Service Office is responsible for monitoring the corporate office for the facility is the point of contact.