Background Investigations

How to Verify Background Investigators are Legit

The number of background investigators working on National Background Investigation Bureau (NBIB) cases has tripled over the last few years in an effort to whittle down the massive backlog of cases. As well, the number of companies providing contractor investigative services went from two to four. While this is good news for those undergoing the background investigation process, it also opens opportunities for those with more nefarious motives to step in and take advantage of unsuspecting security clearance applicants. To address this concern the Defense Security Service (DSS) and NBIB issued the below information for any applicant who may have concerns about whether the person contacting them are legit of may be asking inappropriate questions during an interview:

OPM/NBIB has a number of contract companies that support the investigative mission. Two companies are in the midst of changing their company names. Below is a quick summary of the companies that currently support the NBIB mission that may contact the applicant for additional information:

 CACI, Keypoint (Changing name to Perspecta), CSRA (Changing name to GDIT), and Securitas NTConcepts

 Contact the Investigator Verification/Complaint Hotline at 1-888-795-5673 or [email protected] to verify the identity of NBIB field staff or if you have questions or concerns about the line of questioning or actions of a field investigator.

This concern for applicants is especially true given the length of time that may transpire from when an investigation opened to when the applicant is finally contacted for a subject interview, which sometimes could be up to a year later.


  1. Marko . . . Of more use might be a release explaining how others are attempting to undermine or take advantage of this process. How is someone not in the process getting the names and contact information for applicants, what information are the trying to gather and to what purpose?

    I know that many of us had information released during the hack. This could have included both contact information and PI dates which would allow someone to determine WHO might be up for an investigation. But, what are they doing with the information.