Background Investigations

Investigators Consider Using Smartphones

A press release from USIS indicates their investigators will soon use smartphones to help them perform a variety of functions to complete their casework when in the field conducting background investigations for the federal government.

USIS is piloting a program in its New York and Orlando offices, where investigators and site inspectors are trying out smartphones to process fieldwork, manage their case activities, and handle extension and lead information in real time.

Investigators can stay in immediate contact with team and workload leaders and access valuable information such as information indexes, issue resolution guides, and their own workload summaries.

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    The bigwigs in the company are very excited about this phone. We should all be getting one in May.

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    Be wary of this kind of technology in the field. I would also worry about stat expectations as well–I can see an increase in required production.

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    I am a little concerned about the big brother always watching to see where an investigator is.

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    Exactly what I meant.

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    Is it possible to use Investigator and any form of the word “Smart” in the same sentence 🙂 Kidding