Security Clearance Denial

Mid-Year Statistics on Reasons for Security Clearance Denial Appeals

We are at the mid-year point and so far the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) Board heard 979 clearance denial appeals. Below is a breakdown by adjudicative category of the types of issues involved (Note – many cases had multiple issues):

Adjudicative Guideline YTD
Guideline A: Allegiance to the U.S 0
Guideline B: Foreign Influence 65
Guideline C: Foreign Preference 18
Guideline D: Sexual Behavior 9
Guideline E: Personal Conduct 122
Guideline F: Financial Considerations 304
Guideline G: Alcohol Consumption 37
Guideline H: Drug Involvement 33
Guideline I: Psychological Conditions 0
Guideline J: Criminal Conduct 35
Guideline K: Handling Protected Information 4
Guideline L: Outside Activities 0
Guideline M: Use of IT Systems 6

As a reminder, these are only the results from DOD Industrial Security contractor appeals and do not include security clearance denials or appeals processed for the military, the Intelligence Community agencies, State Department, Department of Energy, or the various other government agencies that grant their own clearances. With the wealth of information available on the main site and this blog site, as well as other resources cited in the various posts, security clearance applicants should be savvy about how to prepare for the background investigation process in order to avoid delays and provide mitigation for potential issues. Knowledge and preparation can help expedite and smooth the potentially long and arduous path to getting a security clearance.


  1. Look at all the Guideline F (Financial Considerations) revocations! All you clearance holders better be paying your debts! Apparently the government is really cracking down.