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NCSC Rolls out New Tool to Counter Economic and Industrial Espionage


The National Counterintelligence and Security Center is the training branch for Office of the Director of National Intelligence and it offers training support to all government agencies, contracted government security and intelligence industry companies, and private sector corporate entities who may be the target of collection efforts by criminals or foreign adversaries.

It has long been known that our adversaries would rather steal our sensitive information and technologies rather than spend the years, resources, and billions of dollars conducting their own research, testing and development. Accessibility to virtually unlimited technological and business data through cyber space, combined with lax security and a general laissez-faire attitude towards protecting information has enabled corporate spies, criminals, and foreign intelligence operatives to hit the jackpot without having to expend a lot of time, money or resources. It  is impossible to calculate the cost of the information and technology that American companies and government agencies have lost.

With this in mind, NCSC is turning its focus on educating and creating a security awareness among our private corporate and industrial base entities by providing training, conducting risk assessments, and sharing intelligence information. One of their new training tools recently rolled out is called the “Terminal Risk” tool, which is designed to help avoid threats and stop economic and industrial espionage. It consists of a series of eight videos that cover topics like: threats corporate executives might face overseas; mobile phone vulnerabilities; controlling proprietary/intellectual property; and targeting professionals at conferences. You can find more information about this and other counterintelligence and security topics at the NCSC website.