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New Website Offers an Inside Look at the Intelligence Community

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has published the new website, showcasing the people, organizations, and work the Intelligence Community (IC) provides in support of our country and national security. Michael Thomas, ODNI Deputy Transparency Officer and executive editor of the website, said in a news release the product is the result of a collaborative effort among all the IC agencies to promote more transparency to the American public about what the IC does, and to provide more information to potential applicants in order to attract new talent into the ranks.

Instead of the faceless agency logos and shields of bygone days, the new site offers glimpses into the people, careers, and work that they do. You are provided the overarching view of all 17 agencies that make up the IC and can then delve deeper into each agency by going to their specific website for more information. The new site also provides examples of real world products and successes as a result of years of intelligence and analysis efforts.

Of particular interest on the site are the page links for the Intel Vault, the President’s Daily Brief, and the Public’s Daily Brief which provide some very interesting perspectives on significant events, as well as reports and information specific to certain IC agencies. Overall, it’s a good effort to parade some of the lesser known work provided by the IC (hurricane monitoring and Olympic Games security) without giving away operational or classified information.