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OPM FY09 Investigative Data

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently released an undated presentation entitled, The Security Clearance and Investigation Process. Included in the presentation are the following data:

Case Type FY 09
Initial Security Clearance Investigations 636,873
Periodic Reinvestigations for Top Secret 98,211
Public Trust Investigations 222,339
Suitability Investigations 165,476
Other 934,326
Total 2,047,225

The fastest 90% of the initial security clearance investigations were completed in an average of 41 days (70 days for Top Secret and 36 days for Secret/Confidential).

For Fiscal Year 2005 OPM reported conducted 31,300 Public Trust Investigations (Background Investigations—BI, Limited Background Investigations—LBI, and Minimum Background Investigations—MBI) and 142,354 Suitability Investigations (National Agency Check with Inquires—NACI). These numbers increased in FY07 to about 47,000 and 284,500 (respectively). The FY09 figures show a dramatic increase in Public Trust investigations. The rise and fall of NACIs from FY05 to FY09 may have been caused by a large surge of investigations for HSPD-12 PIV cards. The category of “Other” primarily covers NACs (National Agency Check) and SACs (Special Agreement Check). SACs are usually a single records check, such as an FBI fingerprint check, military personnel records check, credit check, etc., used for pre-screening candidates, resolving individual security/suitability issues, or fulfilling other federal agency mission related objectives that don’t require a standard security or suitability investigation.

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    Hi I have been hired by a major Government Contractor. My clearance was submitted to DISCO for a DOS secret clearance 4 weeks ago. Should I have heard about an interim approval/denial by now? Also do you know how long DOS is taking to process a clean SF-86 for an ordinary DOS secret clearance nowadays?

    Thank you,

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    JPAS clearance information?
    I was just told by a company the other day that on JPAS it doesn’t show my clearance level. It only shows my SCI access eligibility date and my full scope NSA poly.

    I was was indoc’d with the NSA and had a TS/SCI Full scope poly.. then left the agency and had my clearance cross over to a contractor supporting the CIA.. Now I’m coming back..

    While working as contractor supporting the CIA I received a email stating that my dod clearance was administratively terminated because I didn’t need it.. what does this all mean?

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    Just means you no longer work on a DoD contract–your clearance still exists, but not in JPAS, which is a DoD system.

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    When OPM does a background check for a National Secruity position SF86- do they request a transcript from each university you attended, or are they rquested your entire file from each university (to include admission records, financial aid records, and academic records)?

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    Owen Pitt

    The transcripts will be checked. Financial info not needed unless you are delinquent. The dean and any campus police will be checked as well.

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    So BW how what is your average time frame to complete a case these days? They are giving me any where from 5 to 10 business days for each case with an average of 10 to 15 cases assigned to me at a time. Most cases have multiple items as well. Almost all the investigators in our company are getting this. It is burning us out. I will e-mail the outcome of what we have been e-mailing back and forth about. Basically my company kind of screwed me out of working for yours due to not being able to provide me my official stats.

    If there are any adjudicators or security officers on here let me know if you are seeing an increase in Investigator notes on the cases you are adjudicating and how does that make you determine if you are going to hire someone or not.