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Security Clearance Process

I never realized that when it comes to classified information it’s not just “top secret” “secret” and “confidential” – based on a recent assessment from the Pentagon press pool there’s also “classified-classified” and “B.S. classified.” The topic came up in a recent Pentagon press briefing with Bloomberg reporter Tony Capaccio

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Security Clearance Denial

Congress is adding muscle to its requests for harsh penalties against those accused of leaking classified information. Last week Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.) introduced the Deterring Public Disclosure of Covert Actions Act of 2012, which will revoke the security clearances of individuals who disclose covert actions. Burr emphasized that no

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Obtaining Security Clearance

An article in last week's Washington Post reported, "Maryland public schools will soon establish 'security clearance' educational programs for students as part of the state's…
Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

OPM recently announced (FIN 07-08) the prices of their investigative products for Fiscal Year 2008.  The cost of some high end security clearance products, which…
Background Investigations

Seems like a lot of OPM and contract investigators are interested in posting their experiences in the field and getting work. While there are a…