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Security Clearance Denial

Failure to pay attention to detail seems to top the list of reasons for applications to be denied, with issues of missing or incomplete information taking up the majority of the top 20 issues.

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Earlier today I wrote about the case of Mahmoud Hegab, a Virginia man who sued the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and its Director for revoking his top secret clearance. The agency maintains it had significant concerns about his clearance, such as his recent residence in, and dual citizenship with, Egypt; extensive

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Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

Unique on the web! Our ongoing series allows you to ask your most complex questions regaring security clearances and our regular contributors will try to answer them.…
Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

In the May 26th edition of Washington Technology magazine, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) boasts that the average time to process a security…
Career AdviceSecurity Clearance Process

By popular demand, a place to ask questions on defense careers. All topics are open, including: career advice, salaries, best places to work, company research,…