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As the person who reviews the comments posted to articles at, I can tell you the clearance process produces a lot of questions. Despite efforts to make the security clearance application (SF-86) more understandable, oftentimes questions remain as to what to include – and what not to. It seems

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Obtaining Security ClearanceSecurity Clearance Process

Michelle Bachmann is raising eyebrows with a rather odd request for dual citizenship with Switzerland. Under Swiss law, Bachmann was automatically eligible for citizenship upon marrying her husband (the son of Swiss citizens) in 1978. According to news reports, it was just several months ago that Bachmann decided to register

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Obtaining Security Clearance

It has been over a year (since May 2005) that a national news organization has come out to declare the security clearance backlog as a…
Obtaining Security Clearance

Really? What a shocker! The Government Accountibility Office came out with a recent report detailing how the security clearance process is taking too darn long. This…
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The newest Security Clearance Salary Survey reports average nationwide salaries are up by 2% since the first quarter of this year. The survey of…