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Vet looking for job? Check out the Chamber of Commerce

If you haven’t heard of “Hiring Our Heroes” – a program by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation that offers employment advice and connections for both veterans and military spouses – you might check it out.  The program hosts a considerable number of workshops across the U.S. offering resume writing, interview skills, and one-on-one mentoring.

But – in my opinion – one of the best things they offer is the “Personal Resume Branding Engine.”   Rather than just throwing your experience on the resume and hoping the civilian hiring manager can connect the dots, the tools translates your background to help boast your experience and transition your skills.   Discovering your “hook”, branding yourself accordingly, and marketing the heck out of it is one of the best ways to convince an employer you’re specialized and they need you. You can also check out our own Military Resume Templates focusing on defense and intelligence careers.

And don’t forget about your local Chamber of Commerce.  It’s likely to be the centralized body in the community uniting member businesses and people.  Joining will give you an inside track to who’s hiring (you’re often likely to know first), and will cut the degrees of separation between you and the decision-makers.    Read more here.

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    Quit giving vet preference–they served voluntarily. I know as many patriotic civilians as I do military folks.

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    I have to agree with BW. I’m sure it’s not a popular, politically correct sentiment but it is time.

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    I don’t care about PC. I retired after 20 years and spent about 5-6 years deployed to the Mid East, SW Asia, PI, Korea, and a few other (Undisclosed) locations (HA, sound familiar). Guess what, I did it because I chose to. GI’s need to do like I did and get a damn degree and quit waving the flag as their means to get a job. It is noble for one to serve, but it doesn’t get you to the front of the line.

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    Well said. You have my vote, well after a thorough background check,of course.

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