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"Soft Skills": the golden ticket to your next job?

So, your clearance rockets your resume to the top of the pile and secures you an interview.  But what can you do during the interview to lock the position?  Impress them with your “soft skills.”

“Soft skills” include characteristics like integrity, optimism, a sense of humor, good manners, empathy, etc.  Employers are increasingly looking for these unquantifiable traits in prospective employees.

You can demonstrate your character during the interview in responses to questions like: ‘Can you describe a situation in which you were asked to solve a problem without having all the information you needed?’ or ‘What was the best idea you ever failed to sell?’”

Don’t underestimate how much these likability factors can influence a hiring decision.  According to HR professionals your ability to “play well with others” has more of an impact than you realize…

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