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Obtaining Security Clearance

Security clearances as Shakespeare – Is a security clearance by another agency as sweet? Security clearance reciprocity is a question that comes up frequently at Many professionals assume that if they have been cleared by one agency, their security clearance will readily transfer to another agency. This isn’t the

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Background Investigations

Congress has followed through on their promise to bring increased scrutiny and oversight to the security clearance investigation process. In the wake of Edward Snowden’s leak of classified information about the NSA’s PRISM program (and his subsequent ‘Where’s Waldo’ escapades in the Moscow airport), congressional leaders are asking more questions

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Past Security Clearance Posts

Security Clearance Denial

A scientist in the Los Angeles area working for DoD prime contractor Boeing is under investigation for mishandling classified information. "Abraham Lesnik, listed as an…
Security Clearance Jobs

National Public Radio's Marketplace program ran an interesting story recently on how private industry is stepping up to the plate and taking over many intelligence…
Background Investigations

Recently, I received notice from my company Factility Security Officer (FSO) that my security clearance is due for reinvestigation. Even via email and the written…