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Obtaining Security Clearance

I was researching some of the lesser known facts about security clearances and background investigations and ran across a very informative and interesting article posted on that described what a Yankee White security clearance is and what the requirements are to get one. In a nutshell, in order to

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Security Clearance Process

Most of the articles and comments you read about regarding security clearances and reciprocity contain information about how your security clearance can transfer from one agency or company to another under reciprocity guidelines. Little or no attention is given to situations or circumstances where a security clearance will not transfer,

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Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

Our popular ongoing series allows you to ask your most complex questions regaring security clearances and our regular contributors of present and former clearance investigators and adjudicators…
Background Investigations

On 18 April 2008 the Department of Defense (DoD) announced that Question #21 regarding mental health on Standard Form 86 (Questionnaire for National Security Positions)…
Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

On 30 June 2008 President Bush issued Executive Order 13467 (Reforming Processes Related to Suitability for Government Employment, Fitness for Contractor Employees, and Eligibility for…