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Security Clearance Jobs contributor Tranette Ledford offered five tips for those considering a career as a contract security clearance investigator. From the application process to the realities of living in a home office, perhaps the biggest truism about work as a security clearance investigator is that you really won’t understand what it’s

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Who holds the most national secrets? While scrutiny has focused in on the contract security-cleared workforce, government employees still outnumber contractors. For years the number of cleared personnel was largely unknown, but new reporting requirements mandated by Congress allow us to see trending over the past four years. Check out

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Really? What a shocker! The Government Accountibility Office came out with a recent report detailing how the security clearance process is taking too darn long. This…
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The newest Security Clearance Salary Survey reports average nationwide salaries are up by 2% since the first quarter of this year. The survey of…
Security Clearance Denial

A scientist in the Los Angeles area working for DoD prime contractor Boeing is under investigation for mishandling classified information. "Abraham Lesnik, listed as an…