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Security Clearances and Social Media

In case any of you security-cleared professionals needed a reminder: beware of bikini-clad avatars of good-looking women.’s Danger Room reports of a social media user touting herself as a rocket scientist/defense expert and connecting with professionals across the security sector. With multiple social media accounts and a suspicious professional background it appears she may have been after more than just friends.

It’s a solid reminder that while there are many benefits to social media, everyone, and especially those in the national security business, needs to exercise a fair share of caution online.

It’s not the first time intelligence professionals have been in trouble for making poor choices online. Thomas Ryan, co-founder of Provide Security, made headlines last summer after revealing that a profile he’d created of a so-called cyber geek was really a fake. Robin Sage was her name, and she made over 300 connections online. Ryan retold the story at a recent event at the International Spy Museum entitled “Whose Watching Whom: Spying and Social Media.”

At the event Ryan outlined several tips for those looking to interact online, including suggesting separate accounts for personal and professional interactions as well as the simple need to be more vigilant in interacting online. Other recommendations include not posting personal information and while it shouldn’t need to be said, never share classified or sensitive information online.

It’s a reminder we take to heart at ClearanceJobs, and why we think it’s so important for cleared job seekers to be able to visit a secure, password protected site with vetted employers. When you visit ClearanceJobs you’re not just visiting another online network, you’re visiting a trusted network, who knows how important online security – and avoiding bikini clad avatars – are to the cleared community.