Security Clearance Process

Situations Where Your Security Clearance Will Not Transfer

Most of the articles and comments you read about regarding security clearances and reciprocity contain information about how your security clearance can transfer from one agency or company to another under reciprocity guidelines. Little or no attention is given to situations or circumstances where a security clearance will not transfer, Below are examples of when your security clearance may not be eligible under reciprocity and gaining agencies will most likely require additional security clearance processing.

– Your existing clearance was granted on an interim or temporary basis.

– Your existing clearance was based on an exception to standards (or was granted under condition).

– The date of your last investigation is older than seven years for Top Secret and 10 years for Secret.

– The position for which you are being considered requires a polygraph or a different type polygraph than your previous one.

– The position for which you are being considered for has Special Access Program (SAP) requirements.

– You are currently cleared at the Secret level, and the position for which you are being considered requires a Top Secret clearance.

– Adverse information that is of concern becomes known that occurred after your last investigation closed.

Although reciprocity guidelines have come a long way towards compelling agencies to accept each other’s adjudicative decisions, there are still many factors and situations that require an individual to undergo further scrutiny and screening before getting hired on for a cleared position. Remember, the more you know about the process the better prepared you are with your expectations.

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    My Top Secret Clearance with a counter intelligence polygraph is in Scattered Castle ….Will it transfer to JPAS? Many employers say they have a hard time viewing it. Can it be transferred?