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In his appeal before the DOHA judge, the applicant claimed he didn’t understand that what he was doing could throw off the polygraph results – but then eventually recanted his testimony and admitted to trying to manipulate the test.

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Incidents or behavior don’t just go away once they’re adjudicated favorably. Just because something didn’t affect your security clearance in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t affect it in the future.

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Security Clearance Denial

Time card fraud (or fudging) is prevalent in today’s workplace and federal agencies are cracking down on it. Don’t let your security clearance get caught in the mix.

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Obtaining Security Clearance

There are lots of questions on this site from security clearance applicants regarding what or how to list employment activities in Section 13A on the SF-86. The more accurate and thorough you are, the easier it is for investigators and records custodians to verify the information and check the block.

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