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Background InvestigationsCybersecurity

A article on the 4 Feb 09 has confirmed that SRA International‘s computer network was infected by a virus, which may have exposed a number of federal employees’ personal information. “The breached information could include names, addresses, dates of birth, health information and Social Security numbers. Personal company computers

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Obtaining Security ClearanceSecurity Clearance Process

An article posted on on 26 Jan 09 focuses on the relevance and effect of criminal conduct on security clearances. The Adjudicative Guidelines states that Criminal activity creates doubt about a person’s judgment, reliability and trustworthiness. By its very nature, it calls into question a person’s ability or willingness

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Background InvestigationsCareer AdviceObtaining Security Clearance

Our popular ongoing series allows you to ask your most complex questions regarding security clearances and our regular contributors of present and former clearance investigators and adjudicators will try to answer them. The rules are listed below. Failure to abide by them will mean your question will be deleted. NOTE:

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Background Investigations

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is ready to handle clearance investigations for the Obama administration’s approximately 6,000 to 7,000 new politically appointed officials. Kathy Dillaman, Associate Director of OPM’s Federal Investigative Services Division was reported as saying, “Piece of cake. . . .The influx of Obama staffers will be

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