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Security Clearance Process

Flying under the radar because of all of the recent security clearance news, little has been written about the facility security clearance backlog that has impacted companies who need the clearance in order to perform work on classified contracts. A Facility Security Clearance (FCL) is an administrative determination that a

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Background InvestigationsSecurity Clearance Process

Over the past several months we’ve heard from both hiring managers and cleared candidates that security clearance processing delays are becoming a serious problem. It’s no surprise that in the wake of the Office of Personnel Management cybersecurity breach, the 30-day eQIP shutdown, and some major reshuffling in contract investigation

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Background Investigations

Could it be true? For years I have argued to anyone who would listen, that OPM should not have been given responsibility for national security background investigations. As a security professional in various roles over a number of years, I have seen how the government has allowed human resources managers

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Career Advice

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center is the training branch for Office of the Director of National Intelligence and it offers training support to all government agencies, contracted government security and intelligence industry companies, and private sector corporate entities who may be the target of collection efforts by criminals or

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