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Background Investigations

As an extension to my previous post about listing employment terminations on the investigative forms, listing accurate and complete military service information is also very important. In numerous cases I have come across instances where an applicant is less than candid when listing their military service. The SF-86 asks “Have

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Security Clearance Denial

The issue of mental health stigma has always surrounded question 21 of Standard Form 86 (SF-86). It’s a fact that few applicants are denied a clearance based on listing mental health counseling on the security clearance form. But experts argue that including the question will prevent some from seeking help

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Security Clearance Process

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was charged with 17 counts of murder last week, after allegedly shooting Afghan civilians in their sleep in a massacre that has strained already troubled U.S. –Afghan relations. As analysts look to the cause and unpack the details one area that hasn’t escaped their

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Career AdviceObtaining Security Clearance

via Randall Scasny, Director of Changes in the economy and job market often times compel many people to reassess their careers and search for employment in industries other than they are presently employed in. I see this happening a lot with my customers who had been in the military

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