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Security Clearance Process

In the personnel and industrial security world there are many words and acronyms used that clearance applicants may not be familiar with which may be confusing. Previously, I provided an article on what the Report of Investigation codes meant. Here are some terms used by security professionals who process, review, or adjudicate

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Career Advice

In the security clearance and background investigation world there are quite a few terms used that may cause confusion for those not familiar with the lexicon used by personnel security specialists and investigators. Below are typical terms and definitions used in personnel security and investigations processing. Security Term Definition (1)

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Obtaining Security Clearance

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Personnel Security Program is run out of the Office of the Chief Security Officer (OCSO) and is one of the biggest after DoD, responsible for processing all types of investigations on federal employees and industry contractors for the various sub-components of DHS. The OCSO

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