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Obtaining Security Clearance

When discussing security clearances and one’s responsibilities, most associate it with handling and protecting classified national security information. However, often overlooked is the fact that handling and preventing unauthorized disclosure of other types of protected information is just as important.  These may include: For Official Use Only; Sensitive But Unclassified;

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Security Clearance Jobs

In case any of you security-cleared professionals needed a reminder: beware of bikini-clad avatars of good-looking women.’s Danger Room reports of a social media user touting herself as a rocket scientist/defense expert and connecting with professionals across the security sector. With multiple social media accounts and a suspicious professional

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Background InvestigationsCybersecurity

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) recently obtained information under the Freedom of Information Act regarding a June 2009 report of a study sponsored by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on the use of Cyber Vetting for security clearance purposes. The study involved 349 test cases of

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