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DIA Plans to Hire Contract Polygraphers

On 23 August 2008 the Washington Post carried an AP story about the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) intention to use contractors to conduct polygraph examinations for security clearances.

“An unclassified DIA document describing the new effort says the contractor hired to perform the exams will conduct a minimum of 4,550 a year in 13 new polygraph studios . . . . Those 13 new studios would be added to the eight now manned by DIA polygraphers. All would be overseen by DIA personnel.”

It seems there has been a major change in polygraph policy at DIA, possibly affecting positions that previous did not require an examination and/or requirements for periodic reexaminations. Could this be in anticipation of Periodic Reinvestigations being replaced by “Continuous Evaluation” as recently authorized by Executive Order 13467?

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    Should be interesting. It will do one of 2 things if they increase fequency; either they will work or people will leave the workforce in droves. Afterall, why would anyone want to keep testing over and over? I’m not sure there is any better alternative to the good ole face-to-face interviews.