Security Clearance Process

Facility Clearance Process Updated



DSS Updates the FCL Request Process

The Defense Security Service (DSS) has finished updates to the Facility Clearance (FCL) process in efforts to improve accountability and make it more efficient. The updates include a “FCL Roadmap” and an accompanying FCL Orientation Handbook that provide detailed explanations of the process and how to submit a request through electronically through the e-FCL.

Especially important in this update is the fact that the handbook identifies who is responsible for each step in the process.  A significant change that addresses a current problem area is the inclusion of deadlines in the process, where GCAs are notified at failure points, which could result in discontinuance of the request or the Government Contracting Agency (GCA) leveraging influence on the company to complete the process.

Another significant change is that Excluded Entities are not as involved in the process as before (which was considered by many to be very time consuming and added many days to the process).  A draft of the proposed handbook was fielded to industry professionals last year and preliminary reviews and comments were favorable, especially lauding the fact that the GCA is now more involved in the process. DSS has scheduled full implementation of the updated process for late April 2015, once the FCL Orientation Handbook is finalized.