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GAO Testimony on Clearance Process Reform Efforts

On 30 July 2008 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported (GAO-08-1050T) their review of personnel security clearance reform efforts to a congressional subcommittee. Their observations and recommendation were based on the recently issued Joint Security and Suitability Reform Team’s Initial Plan, the appendix to that plan, and Executive Order 13467.

GAO reported, “The level of direction in the executive order and the establishment of a very specific, centralized structure make this latest reform effort stand out from past efforts.”

GAO’s review was generally laudatory, but identified four areas that the executive order and the Initial Plan failed to properly address: 1) how the need for a clearance is validated, 2) processes for assuring quality, 3) specific metrics for evaluating quality, and 4) long-term funding requirements.

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    The level of direction in the executive order and the establishment of a very specific.

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    I am confused, I was in the military for 9 years, all of which i held a secret security clearnace. I got out august 2005 and my clearance was archived. I now work for a defense contracting company and need a security clearance. I submitted my sf86 in april 2008 the investigation started in may 2008 and i was told someone would be contacting me for an interview. I just got word from my fso that the investigation is complete as of aug 15 2008 and it is at the adjudicator. I was totally confused because I was told I would get a call for an interview by my fso and that did not happen.

    On yesterday i called DISCO personnally and asked them what it means if you never get an interview but the investigation is closed and at the adjudicator. The guy replied that it is a good thing and everything is good to go.

    Can someone reassure me on what i was told by DISCO.

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    If you had a NACLC or an ANACI type investigation done and you listed nothing that is an issue on your case papers and if all the appropriate checks revealed no issues then it is very possible your clearance was granted and you would never have to be interviewed.

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    So is this a good or bad thing because I have not heard of anyone not going through an interview. If my memory serves me right I didnt get an interview jan 97 when i received my secret clearance. I am on pins and needles right now, my job has me on over head status until it comes in and if not within the next month they are talking termination. Also I was declined for a interim secret security clearance in april or may of this year before they started the investigation. I just dont get a warm and fuzzy feeling about this.

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    That is odd. Usually if an interim clearance is denied then you should be interviewed by an investigator. Ask your FSO what type of investigation he/she put you in for.

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    My fso says it is a NACLC investigation since the company is in the industry field and not DOD.

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    Did your FSO say why your interim clearance was denied?

    As my previous post indicated a NACLC case is a type of case in which a SUBJECT under investigation is not necessarily interviewed.

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    My FSO stated that I had a dismissed charge (misdemeanor) that had not been closed yet and that automatically was a reason for an interim secret denial. It is off of my record now and has been for the last 4 months. I recieved documentation from my lawyer and the courts on the charge. I am worried about things that might need to be answered but without an interview they can not be answered. I am in shambles right now and we all know stress kills.

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    I have filed an Appeal of a “decision” made by DSS not to remove a false JPAS incident report even though I furnished documentation from an investigation performed by a State agency (granting me unemployment benefits) that these charges were false. My Appeal FOIA/PA #818-28(2) was filed on September 1, 2008. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT for a reasonable intelligent review of my record. DSS has been jerking me around for over 6 months! I have had a Secret Security Clearance since 1965 and now cannot get a job because of this false report.