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Michelle Bachmann is raising eyebrows with a rather odd request for dual citizenship with Switzerland. Under Swiss law, Bachmann was automatically eligible for citizenship upon marrying her husband (the son of Swiss citizens) in 1978. According to news reports, it was just several months ago that Bachmann decided to register

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Tradeshows are always a great opportunity for the team at to make new friends, and occasionally hear a few great stories. We were at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference last week, where a young man came to our booth and said that while he didn’t personally have a

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National Public Radio's Marketplace program ran an interesting story recently on how private industry is stepping up to the plate and taking over many intelligence…
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Recently, I received notice from my company Factility Security Officer (FSO) that my security clearance is due for reinvestigation. Even via email and the written…