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Obtaining Security Clearance

When you are security-cleared, everyday life events like vacations, new friends and neighbors, and personal relationships can have an impact on national security. Take a few minutes and watch our very own Emelyne Smith discuss the many seemingly common activities that are of concern to the U.S. government and those

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Career AdviceSecurity Clearance Jobs

An article in The Houston Chronicle detailed a two-year forbidden foreign love affair that got a Houston engineer six months in federal prison. The engineer wasn’t accused of spying, but was accused of and pleaded guilty to conspiring to make false statements. Gregory W. Blackard, 38, was sentenced for hiding

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Background Investigations

Veritas Capital, a leading private equity firm, announced the acquisition of Kroll Government Services, Inc. from Kroll, Inc. Kroll Government Services, Inc. has been a leading provider of U.S. government security-clearance background investigations. Kroll Government Services, Inc. has been renamed KeyPoint Government Solutions, Inc. KeyPoint will continue to service U.S.,

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Background InvestigationsCybersecurity

A article on the 4 Feb 09 has confirmed that SRA International‘s computer network was infected by a virus, which may have exposed a number of federal employees’ personal information. “The breached information could include names, addresses, dates of birth, health information and Social Security numbers. Personal company computers

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