Security Clearance Process

DCSA Updates Conditional Eligibility Determination Process

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) has updated their “conditional eligibility determination” process to align with Continuous Evaluation/Continuous Vetting (CE/CV) program. This allows national security adjudicators to make conditional eligibility determination on investigations that have issues of concern which cannot be fully mitigated, but with continuous monitoring, the risk to national security can be managed. There is a caveat; only issues related to sexual behavior, financial considerations, alcohol consumption, drug involvement, and criminal conduct warrant a conditional eligibility determination. All other categories must go through the full mitigation process.

The Defense Information System for Security (DISS) has automated this process for use by adjudicators, applicants, security managers and commanders. Here is the way it works:

  • The adjudicator makes the conditional eligibility determination and provides the Request for Action through DISS to the applicant and security manager or commander (if military)
  • Applicant signs acknowledgement of receipt and indicates whether or not they accept the conditions
  • Adjudicator reviews and if applicant accepted, conditional eligibility is granted, and subject is placed into CE/CV
  • If the applicant does not accept the conditions, then the adjudicator will initiate due process and issue a formal Statement of Reasons for the applicant to respond to
  • The adjudicator will review annually to ensure the conditions are being met until such a time as they are removed
  • Once applicant has met all conditions they are removed, and the adjudicator then grants final clearance eligibility in DISS

DCSA has published a fact sheet on their website from which you can find more information about this and other security clearance topics.