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Marko Hakamaa
Commercial Companies Accessing and Selling Your Personal Data
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While recent news reports have focused on the NSA’s PRISM program and the government’s use of personal data to detect terror threats, a recent news report sheds new light on the massive commercial business of collecting and selling personal data.

CBS News recently broadcast a special investigative report regarding data brokers who collect personal information about you and sell it to other commercial entities.  The amount of data being collected is staggering, with complete dossiers being compiled on millions of people including purchase histories, buying preferences, on-line browsing history, and even medical and prescription drug information.  The report highlighted the fact that every time you access a website it is more than likely that there are many other entities monitoring and recording your activity on that site for information that they package and sell to someone else. more
Marko Hakamaa
Deliberate Falsification on Security Clearance Application Results in Denial
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In a recent Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) case the original decision by the Department of Defense (DoD) to deny the applicant a security clearance was upheld by the board.  This particular case involved Guidelines J (Criminal Conduct) and E (Personal Conduct).  The applicant had a history of serious criminal conduct that involved unlawful wounding, stalking, DUI, probation violations, assault, and destruction of property.  However, the DUI was the latest criminal offense that he had been convicted of and it occurred over 6 years ago.  Had there been no other more recent issues in the case then the criminal conduct it could have been mitigated by time and rehabilitation. more
Marko Hakamaa
Director of Naval Intelligence has his Security Clearance Suspended
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Due to an ongoing investigation conducted by the Department of Justice and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the current Director of Naval Intelligence, Vice Admiral Ted Branch, has had his security clearance suspended for the past 9 months. According to information in an article posted recently on Federal News Radio, Branch is part of an investigation into the bribery scandal involving Glenn Defense Marine Asia which has thus far resulted in charges against the company owner, three Navy officers, one retired officer and one NCIS agent. more