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Marko Hakamaa
Online Behavior: Pitfalls for Clearance Holders
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In today’s society it is virtually impossible to avoid contact with online communications or some form of social media. Many who keep opinions and thoughts about people, events, and work to themselves in person feel liberated when it comes to communicating electronically. The ability to electronically post information without the normal filters appeals to many, as they don’t have to face any immediate human reactions to the content, but at the same time they are seeking approval or have a need to be seen as a part of some organization, movement, or similar group of people. more

Marko Hakamaa
Employment Misconduct Issues and Your Security Clearance
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Demonstrating good judgment and reliability by following rules and procedures in the workplace is a significant factor for determining eligibility for access to national security information, as a recent DoD security clearance applicant found out. In this particular Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals case, the employee was issued a statement of reasons for a pattern of a failure to follow rules in employment resulting in terminations. The judge also considered the applicant’s inconsistent statements and lack of full disclosure about the details of the incidents that resulted in his getting fired from two jobs. more

How Much Data Should OPM Collect?
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How much data is too much data? It depends on the government’s ability to protect it, argues one privacy advocacy organization. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) submitted comments to the Office of Personnel Management urging them to reconsider new policies to collect non-criminal court data or social media. It cited the OPM breach, a US Postal Service breach, and a GAO report citing the government’s ongoing issue with keeping data secure. more